The SEAT takes the pressure off soft tissues... Find a dealer in your area!
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Tom White, inventor and award-winning industrial designer, is president of Ergo, LLC The SEAT takes the pressure off soft tissues and tender organs... After using 'The SEAT' neither of us would trade it for anything. View information for using The Seat on indoor bikes View information for using The Seat on indoor bikes Need help or have questions!
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The SEAT® takes the pressure off soft tissues and tender organs. The Seat reduces the risks of impotency and other injuries with its revolutionary “horn-less” design. It is in compliance with recommendations from NIOSH & the CDC.

The SEAT® is endorsed
by DOCTORS & Police for professional riders for long pain free bike rides.
The SEAT® solves the universal problem of bicycle seat pain, chaffing and numbness.
The SEAT® is a healthier alternative
to conventional bike seats.
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No more
Healthy, Comfortable Ride...The Comfort Seat!
Ergo has been featured in Time
  Magazine Wall Street Journal
Sheepskin Cover (Natural Color)
  Tour de France
Tour d' Afrique
Style/Color Shown: Lycra-Gel/Black
Interested in a bike seat
  built for distance?
Tom White, inventor and award-winning industrial designer.
Without a single moment of
  discomfort or numbness
10,000+ fans on facebook

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Facebook testimonial May 2012
Bryant P Andrews Sr. Of  Douglasville Georgia Posted to facebook.
... I thought that there would be a acclimation period. But I didn't need one. I hopped on my bike and did 50 miles with NO PROBLEMS. I have since done 2 Centuries with this seat. I LOVE IT. I'm putting one on ALL of my bikes. This is the Only way for me. OHHHH, the wifey has noticed a Difference Too!!!!! Hint, hint.  

  NIOSH image of what you need in a bike seat   NIOSH  
National Institute of Safety & Health
The US experts on safety & physical stress in the work place endorse the design & use of a no nose bike seat.  The image to the left is from the NIOSH video playing above and is on safety websites and the websites for most of the makers of ergonomic bike seats.
The shape from the NIOSH video is very close to our product and totally unlike any other product you will find

  There is a good reason healthy bike seats tend to be comfortable bike seats and not hurt.  
  Dr. Gabe Mirkin (Dr Gabe Mirkin Show) Physician, Author Professor, Columnist & Former Marathon Runner  
  " is wide in the back to allow a person to sit on the sit bones... the seat and is shaped like a rectangle with no nose, so there is no pressure on your crotch. Now we can ride for hours without felling any discomfort."  
  Read about the new bike seat study for women Click here  
  New York Times & bike seat pressure on women Click here  
  Read from leading medical experts who endorses our product ---> Click here  
Click on the links above to learn why we offer comfortable bike seats for women.

Adding a no nose seat to your family's bike safety equipment is why we recommend our bike seats for children.
  NIOSH & the CDC are not advocating for a warning lable on traditional bike seats at this time  
  Light weight (14oz), elegant design built for long distances &
 doesn't look like it belongs on a piece of farm equipment.
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Since 1998 we offer our customers a

Pain free no nose bike seat that doesn't hurt - The most Comfortable bike seat in the world
An elegant and comfortable bike seat for long bike rides as well as performance
A bike saddle with no nose for a low pressure bike seat that eliminates numb butt & chaffing
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