Tom White, inventor and award-winning industrial designer, is president of Ergo, LLC The SEAT takes the pressure off soft tissues and tender organs... After using 'The SEAT' neither of us would trade it for anything. View information for using The Seat on indoor bikes Shop & Buy now on our secure shopping cart. Need help or have questions!
The SEAT® solves the universal problem of bicycle seat discomfort with its patented, ergonomic design. Available in either Lycra/Gel (ULTIMATE), Vinyl (CLASSIC), or Leather Grain Vinyl (ENDURANCE). New Styles and Colors are now available.

All of The SeatŪ designs are comfortable, healthy designs recognized by the world's leading Doctors of Urology and NIOSH (National Institute of safety and health). This low pressure bike seat provides pain free riding with no numbness, chaffing or the other stuff that hurts your butt. The SeatŪ is the best choice for maximum comfort on long cross country bike rides. The design helps protect both the male and female soft tissue and prevent urological problems associated with traditional bike saddles.

The SEAT® offers beyond comfort and health:
Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 3.5 inches
Fits any Standard, Conventional Rail-Mount Bicycle
[Note: "stationary" exercise bikes, must have conventional rail-mounts for proper installation]
Rear Reflectors are Standard in All Styles
Lightweight, 14 oz. Design
Easy Installation and Adjustment
"Sit-bone" Based Support
Healthy, Comfortable Ride
No more "NUMB BUTT" !!!
- Why buy a cheap knock off when you can have the original design with a long list of benefits
The pain free noseless bike seat that doesn’t hurt – The most comfortable bike Seat in the world-
-- An elegant and comfortable bike seat for long bike rides as well as performance--
-- A bike saddle with no nose for a low pressure bike seat that eliminates a numb butt & chaffing –
no nose low pressure bike saddle that has health and comfort benefits for women too
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