Tom White, inventor and award-winning industrial designer, is president of Ergo, LLC The SEAT takes the pressure off soft tissues and tender organs... After using 'The SEAT' neither of us would trade it for anything. View information for using The Seat on indoor bikes Shop & Buy now on our secure shopping cart. Need help or have questions!
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Australian Dealers

Ergo - The Seat Pty Ltd.
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P.O. Box 542 Camden, N.S.W.   2570 ph/fax  +61

 Canadian Dealers

DUNBAR CYCLES Ltd. 4219 Dunbar Street Vancouver, B.C.     1-604-224-2116
SIMON'S BIKE SHOP 608 Robson Street Vancouver, B.C.   V6B - 2B9 1-604-602-1181

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 UK  Dealers -
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