Tom White, inventor and award-winning industrial designer, is president of Ergo, LLC The SEAT takes the pressure off soft tissues and tender organs... After using 'The SEAT' neither of us would trade it for anything. View information for using The Seat on indoor bikes Shop & Buy now on our secure shopping cart. Need help or have questions!
July 6, 2011 at 11:54 am ET – Dr. Steve Schrader of NIOSH (see blog and click here)

"While bicycle saddles with troughs, grooves, or center cut-outs may feel better because the internal penis fits into this area, the nerve and blood supplies to the penis lie along the sides of the internal penis, therefore the pressure on these key structures actually increases along the edges of the trough restricting blood flow. Although your particular model may not have been tested, studies suggest that grooved, cutout designs may not be better, and may be worse, than a solid saddle nose seat."

Our no nose design takes the pressure off soft tissues and tender organs and lets you sit where you are supposed to sit — on your “sit bones”. The SEAT’s innovative, ergonomic design eliminates the protruding horn or nose found on conventional bicycle seats, providing a significantly more comfortable and healthy ride. For many people, buying a new bike also means shopping for a more comfortable seat. Traditional bike saddles cut off circulation, leading to discomfort and, in some cases, sexual dysfunction.
See latest NIOSH Report Summary.
The SEAT® reduces the risks of impotency and other injuries with its revolutionary “horn-less” design. Here’s what they’re saying about The SEAT:
No more "NUMB BUTT"
"This seat makes a lot of sense to me. Prolonged riding on conventional seats can cause compression of the nerves and blood flow, leading to sexual dysfunction and other problems. I see a lot of male and female bicyclists who complain of pain in the perineal area. The SEAT eliminates the cause of this pain-it’s a big leap forward."
- Dr. Thomas Green, chief of urology at Seattle Medical Center
" . . . as long as a saddle has a nose - the case with most new designs - it isn’t safe."
-Dr. Irwin Goldstein, chief urologist at Boston Medical University, Business Week, May 10, 1999
“The best seat is wide in the back to allow a person to sit on the sit bones and it does not have a nose to press on the pudendal nerves. One such seat is called "TheSeat" and is shaped like a rectangle with no nose, so there is no pressure on your crotch. Now we can ride for hours without felling any discomfort."
- Dr. Gabe Mirkin, Host of "The Dr Gave Mirkin Show", Physician, Author, Professor, Columnist, Former Marathon Runner.
"As you know, very few urologists are aware of the association between bicycle seats and impotence. I’ve given lectures around the world, and after every one, several physicians ask us about a safer seat. I always give them your e-mail address and web site, and explain to them that although we don’t have scientific evidence that your seat is ideal, it is wider and has no nose, and in consequence we feel that it is a great alternative to traditional seats."
- Dr. Ricardo Munarriz, associate Dr. Irwin Goldstein, chief urologist at Boston Medical University
Healthy bike seats tend to be comfortable bike seats so we offer customers a...

- pain free no nose bike seat that doesn’t hurt – The most comfortable bike Seat in the world-
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sperm saving no nose low pressure bike saddle that has health and comfort benefits for women too

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