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Results of a NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) Health Hazard Evaluation
regarding the effects of using different types of bicycle seats.
NIOSH conducted a health hazard evaluation of genital numbness, sexual dysfunction and feet problems
utilizing the Marine Bicycle Patrol of the Long Beach Police Department in California.
What NIOSH Did What the City of Long Beach Police Departments Can Do
Surveyed officers about their work conditions and their health.
Measured pressure between the rider and the bicycle seat.
Measured foot pressure on the foot while pedaling
Measured semen quality.
Measured erectile function.
Consider purchasing bicycle seats which do not have a nose or other extension which may place excessive pressure on the perineum.
Train officers on proper riding techniques and dynamics between the rider and the bicycle.
Consider providing a hard-sole mountain or touring style bicycle shoe.
Consider utilizing bicycle fit standards for bicyclists (in-house or out-sourced)
What NIOSH Found What the City of Long Beach Police Officers Can Do
93% of biking officers reported numbness while riding.
Blood hormone levels were normal in the biking officers.
Men who provided semen samples had normal semen.
Officers' erection quality was related to the number of hours he rode his bike and increased pressure between the rider and the bicycle seat was related to lower quality of the persons erection.
Dismount the bike when not riding.
Do not straddle the bike seat during rest breaks or work activities not requiring sitting on the bike; instead dismount the bike.
If pain or numbness occurs, get off the bike and walk the bike a few minutes until pain and numbness are relieved.
Utilize gears that allow cadences near 90rpms.
Utilize frequent methods of pressure relief for feet.
Perform regular/daily stretching exercises for calf, hamstrings, quadriceps, and gluteals.
Know and record basic bicycle measurements to ensure proper fit to the bicycle.
Future Multi-Department & Multi-Seat Study
Large study of several police departments.
Test three basic seat designs
Randomly distributed seats across all Departments.
Use seats for several months.
Follow study with erectile function testing.
Study to be conducted in 2003 or 2004.
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