Tom White, inventor and award-winning industrial designer, is president of Ergo, LLC The SEAT takes the pressure off soft tissues and tender organs... After using 'The SEAT' neither of us would trade it for anything. View information for using The Seat on indoor bikes Shop & Buy now on our secure shopping cart. Need help or have questions!
Sex and the Serious Cyclist
Can prolonged bicycling put enough pressure on a man's anatomy to cause impotence?
Time Magazine
Your Health
Columnist: Christine Gorman
October 28, 2002
Score One for the Couch Potatoes:
New Studies Link Bicycling to Impotence
The Wall Street Journal
Health Journal
By Tara Parker-Pope
October 15, 2002
Bike seat hits where you sit
Down to earth comfort from 777cockpit designer
Journal American
by T.M. Sell
Inventor creates a better bicycle seat
Design billed as ergonomically correct
King County Journal Newspapers
Eastside Journal
article by David A. Grant
Easy Rider
Cyclysts who find standard saddle seats uncomfortable will soon have another option
Popular Science Magazine
Health Journal
April 1997
Bicycle makers in high gear
Inventors and Fabrictors
The news Tribune
by Kim Eckart
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