Tom White, inventor and award-winning industrial designer, is president of Ergo, LLC The SEAT takes the pressure off soft tissues and tender organs... After using 'The SEAT' neither of us would trade it for anything. View information for using The Seat on indoor bikes Shop & Buy now on our secure shopping cart. Need help or have questions!
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Longer More Frequent Workouts with NO chaffing

♦  No Pressure On Soft Tissue or Prostate  ♦

Is your stationary bike seat limiting your workouts 

♦    The Worlds Most Comfortable Stationary Bike Seat    ♦

We've been receiving unsolicited public reviews from stationary bike owners since 2004 
The design solves the universal problem of bicycle seat discomfort with its patented design
♦Do you think if your workouts were longer you might be healthier?  ♦Do you have shorter less frequent workouts because of chaffing, numbness or seat pressure? 
♦Are your workouts with your physical therapist longer or shorter than what you do at home?   ♦Do you think a more comfortable workout usually results in more frequent & longer workouts?  
♦Did you know ergonomic bike seats are favored by many urologists?  ♦Do you know replacing your bike seat is less expensive than replacing your equipment?
♦Do you think if you had a better bike seat you might be healthier?  ♦Did you know most indoor stationary bike seats now allow you to use the seat of your choice?  

Have longer more enjoyable workouts!
Eliminate the pain, chaffing and numbness associated with the nose on traditional bike seats. 

We recommend Vinyl seats for indoor stationary bikes to reduce friction associated with your clothing.
The Classic has a little extra padding for people who are rehabilitating or recovering from surgery
The Endurance is designed for fitness training and cardio workouts. 
The Ultimate offers the most padding, but has a lycra cover
Why buy a modern ergonomic bike seat for your indoor training?
It's time to consider a modern approach to your indoor training routine if you've come to realize either your seat is chaffing you, putting unnecessary pressure on your prostate, creating soft tissue discomfort or generally you've come to realize the old standard seat for an indoor training bike its obsolete or just not the best seat for you..

Many people find themselves wanting to do more indoor training as they get older due to the restrictions on their time or the areas they currently live in. For some reason even though many gyms project an image of fitness fewer distinguish themselves as leaders in their community by offering the safety and comfort associated with an ergonomic bike seat. Rather the reasons are for safety or convenience the result is the market for indoor exercise bikes is booming. There are now chain stores that sell indoor exercise equipment for your home.

Fortunately most modern stationary bikes now accommodate a two rail bike seat system allowing us to swap out that old thick saddle with a giant horn for any seat of your choice. Many manufactures now offer a seat post to accommodate a two rail system for their older style bikes. Bikes typically found in gyms or physical therapist offices can now buy seat adaptors and mount an ergonomic bike seat.

If you have a newer indoor bike it most likely uses the two rail system. If you are in reasonably good health and are working on your general fitness you've probably come to realize your bike seat is getting in the way of your workouts. Many outdoor riders use special clothing and creams that provide padding and protection from the pressure traditional bike seats deliver to soft tissue. The gear is expensive, hot and totally unnecessary for your indoor workout if you are using an Endurance bike seat from Your workout clothing will glide easily over the vinyl cover on the Endurance bike seat and there is no nose to chafe you!

If you are ready to try a healthy ergonomic no nose bike seat for your stationary bike we strongly recommend the Endurance for best fitness results. To buy now click the "Buy Now" button next to the Endurance Seat  image below. For Wholesale samples and pricing click the Dealer Distributor Sign up link at the very bottom of this page.

(vinyl leather-grain finish)


Firm, all weather seat with a slightly larger sitting area provides exceptional durability and support. A favorite with some of our more competitive customers.
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We’ve sold a lot of seats and continue to receive an amazing number of unsolicited very complementary product reviews. Our Testimonials page has some older reviews to demonstrate we are far from a passing fad while below are a few clips from more recent public reviews from various sites. It would take more time than you probably want to spend for you to read only a part of the favorable reviews we’ve received. Below are a few snip-its that might be of interest to someone considering a seat for riding a stationary bike.

100's of reviews!

♦ ...indoor training bike and was experiencing a lot of pain with the usual bike seat…
♦...This seat though is AMAZING. It is really comfy and there is no pain at all. Now I can….
♦…54 year old female… I got this one and it is great
♦ …Before this seat I was ready to give up biking due to the trauma to my lady parts
♦ ...comfortable and functional and no chafing for long distance on my exercise machine.
♦... If riding is uncomfortable for you, check out this seat. It works well and is less expensive than a pair of padded shorts.
♦ ...All men should be riding with a seat like this…..
♦ ...I did 3 triathlons with the seat…
♦ ...should come on all adult bikes sold. I replaced the stock seat…..
♦...Why don't I see more of these …
♦...This 100% eliminates the potential problem of destroying your manhood by biking.
♦...The best bicycle saddle on the market, cheeks down!
♦ ...I love it …. I bought this seat last month and since had about 10 - 1/2 hour rides with it on my trainer
♦ ...No More numb nu…. I needed to switch bike seats on my exercise bike because I was experiencing unsettling numbness …

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The Worlds Most Comfortable Stationary Bike Seat