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"'The SEAT' made all the difference in the world. We actually had a much more comfortable ride after changing since 'The SEAT' is wider and there's no pain-inducing horn,"

"After using 'The SEAT' neither of us would trade it for anything.

Joe and Edwina Mattinson

7,200 mile (11,500 K), four-month Tour d'Afrique 2004 race from Cairo, Egypt to Cape Town, South Africa (route map)

" The Mattinson's brought four normal seats with them on the trip and didn't even bother to bring them home. read more
I'm not generally inclined to send these kinds of emails, but this is the exception.

I just received and installed the seat you sold me (the Classic) on my Diamondback Wildwood, as a last resort of giving up cycling for good.
I'm 49 years old, about 225 pounds and trying to lose weight by riding, which I have loved to do all my life. But, I simply couldn't stand the pressure points I was dealing with.

On my first ride this weekend, I went 9 miles throughout the town I live in without a single moment of discomfort or numbness. Just an astonishing experience. My only confusion is why every bike sold isn't equipped with this seat.

Thanks, too, to Dr.Gabe Mirkin's web site for pointing me to you.
Congratulations on an outstanding product!
Rod Lang

Assistant Director of Public Relations
Muskingum College
What a wonderful ride. I haven't been on my mountain bike for years. I hate the butt numbies and stopped riding because my seat got uncomfortable to ride. I'm back and ready for more thanks to “The Seat!”

Thanks so much.
Richard Goodloe

McDonalds Owner Operator
Bozeman, MT
You gave me a seat to train on......I want 2 more one for Time trial one for road bike! Will you send me 2 more gel seats? You can use may name.

The most Comfortable seat I have ever ridden. Also You wanted me to e-mail my info. Here it is:

I have been on Jay Leno, the Today Show, Good MorningAmerica, and CNN (six times), over 500 ìFront Pageî newspapers, Magazines and over 1,000 local TV news affiliates in the past 3 years. I receive more press on a daily basis that any otherUScyclist-see media Log and Links. Please feel free to contact my Sponsor References.
David Anthony
I must say that I have been very pleased with The Seat's performance. The Seat is very comfortable, and there is no discomfort and/or pressure in the crotch area after long rides. It was also very easy to get use to. The Seat was everything as advertised! I would recommend the use of The Seat by all who ride a bike.

Dale McClure Sergeant

Uwchlan Township Police
Exton, Pa.
We use the gel seats exclusively on
our bikes and actively promote them to our tandem friends.

Since we got "The Seat", we have not had any discomfort on our rides.

We will continue to recommend "The Seat"

Gabe and Diana Mirkin


My Seat arrived Friday afternoon. Wonderful delivery time to Chattanooga, TN, as I ordered it Wed AM.

6 minutes later I had it installed. It is surpurb! I had gone on a ride this AM on my old seat, so my butt, and other portions of my anatomy were sore. As soon as I sat on The Seat, I was most impressed, NO DISCOMFORT. I will sing your product's praises and service to all who will lend me an ear.

At this time I can say, in the words of an old ballad "My butts all wreathed in smiles"

Many thanks for a wonderful product and super service,

Bill Tracy
I Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your great product. Since purchasing "The Seat" I have been able to enjoy my bicycle. I am riding about sixty km per week with no discomfort! I had previously purchased many seats for my bike with none being comfortable enough for me to ride. I believe that exercise must be fun or you will not sustain the program. Having a comfortable seat is paramount to having fun.

I read about your product on Dr. Gabe Mirkin's Web Site.

Thanks again

Best regards,

John C. Gilmour
Love the seat!

What a fantastic product you have! I recently purchased your "Classic" on line and am delighted with it! I was having such a hard time getting comfortable on a seat that has a horn (numb butt!). I was telling my husband that there should be a seat made that is basically square with no horn, and within a couple hours of searching for one on the net, yours caught my eye.
Now, my husband wants to get one for his bike, and I have sent your website to other riders, who have had uncomfortable rides on a standard seat.

Thank you for making riding comfortable again! It may have been designed with men in mind, but some of our ladies' bodies aren't made for horns either

Thanks again!

Mandy Myers

PO Box 411
Acme, PAÊ 15610
Just a note to thank you. I went on a 20 mile mountain ride this AM. The Seat was a blessing. What a wonder, no soreness, and I find that I'm able to climb hills in higher gears. Apparently The Seat is allowing my keg muscles to work better.

Yesterday I installed my new seat I receive on Friday. I normally take a 30 mile ride on Saturdays. At 15 miles into the ride (half way to 30) I decided on doing another 5 miles since my butt was not sore. After the 40 mile ride I was pleased that I could still walk, sit, and not have a any numbness. Interestingly, I talked to another biker that had the same seat. Her response was also positive.


Rob Roth
We met last March at the Bike Expo in Seattle. We talked about "The Seat" and you convinced me to try and buy. I did, and talked another friend to buying one as well.

I now own two "Ultimate" seats and have both on my tandem. We have had great success at the bottom of things and have completed two long rides without enough seat time..... STP and RAW which just ended last Saturday. On both rides the seat pain was minimal and wasn't the focal point I have experienced before.

On both rides I did not hesitate to point out to other interested riders my new seat!

Great product! And it has been a great way for me to get new riders on my tandem that would not normally have enough seat time.

Thank You

Bart Lindquist
Thank you!!

Thank you for the super-fast delivery. As soon as I put my new seat on my bike, I knew I had found "the seat". Such a small product making such a difference - amazing. I may actually be a bike rider after all.

Thank you,

Carl Gann
I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I enjoy my Ultimate "The Seat" and how truly effective it is at reducing pain and discomfort.

While I only consider myself a recreational cyclist, I ride between 5-9 miles almost every day. I've had the seat for almost 10 months now and experience no discomfort at all on my rides. Without a doubt, this is one of the best valued investments I've ever made for my health and comfort.

Keep up the good work!!!


B. Campbell

Scottsdale, AZ
I just wanted to let you know I am a very happy customer of yours.
We have (three) Ultimate bicycle seats on our bikes.

I have rode approximately 2000 miles this year and I can tell you I have never had numb butt. I have tried all types of bicycle seat but none of them compare to The Seat. I have also told a lot of my friends I ride with about The Seat. I told them to try The Seat and if they didn't like it I would buy it. I can tell you I have not had to buy one yet.

One very happy customer.

Alan Welch
I bought my seat in the fall of 2007 and am totally pleased with this purchase. After 2 operations, I though my bike riding days were oveer, but now, I can now ride my bike again in comfort, without the obstruction of the horn to impede my movement. This is truly the best investment anyone can make, who is considering riding their bike long into their silver years, which thanks to your company, I can now say is a possibility for me. Thank you so very much!

Chris Brockway
At the risk of sounding cliche, I feel that I am finally "back in the saddle" with 'The Seat'. You've restored an old muse that has until now been laborious;my riding was primarily for work. Now I look forward to exploring for fun and comfortably. Exceptional design be praised.

Jason Murray
If you read the above you now have an idea why we offer our customers a …

- pain free noseless bike seat that doesn’t hurt – The most comfortable bike Seat in the world-
-- An elegant and comfortable bike seat for long bike rides as well as performance--
-- A bike saddle with no nose for a low pressure bike seat that eliminates a numb butt & chaffing –
no nose low pressure bike saddle that has health and comfort benefits for women too

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